OASIS® specialized foam media provides you an effortless path to faster, healthier propagation of vegetative plants and seeds. Choose ROOTCUBES® growing media for vegetative cuttings, or for cuttings that are slow to root. HORTICUBES® or  HORTICUBES® XL media for healthy seed germination. Each offers ideal density and drainage for its specific application. Each promotes more robust root growth than ever before possible. Best of all, they all have simplicity built right in – 100% ROOT PENETRATION 3 DAYS FASTER!

Horticubes XL

Seed to Harvest (One Pager)

NFT Hydro – One Pager – 42 Days from Seed to Harvest

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Oasis – Basil Fact Sheet

Oasis Grower Solutions Basil Fact Sheet.

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OGS Horticube XL Protocol

Oasis Grower Solutions Horticube XL Protocol Sheet 3.16.16.

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OGS Hydroponic Fertilizer (Note this is not available in SA, try Hygrotech Hygroponic)

Oasis Grower Solution Hydroponic Fertilizer Product Sheet 12.08.15.

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Oasis HORTICUBES XL How-To Protocol Sheet.

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OGS Horticube Protocol

Oasis Grower Solutions Horticube ProtocolSheet 3.16.16.

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Oasis Horticubes Product Sheet

Oasis Horticubes Product Sheet 3.7.16.

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OGS Growing Research – Cuttings

OGS Growing Media Research – Cutting Hydration.

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OGS Research – Poinsettia

OGS Growing Media Research – Poinsettia Cuttings.

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Oasis Rootcubes Product Sheet

Oasis Rootcubes Product Sheet .

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OASIS Rootcubes Do’s and Dont’s

OASIS Rootcubes Medium – Do’s and Dont’s.

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